• Spring 2022 !

    We have walk in's now! Pop into the shop Thursday - Monday
    Riana @anriain our apprentice will be able to fit you in!

    Emma, @guttertattoo is doing her booking via a link on her Instagram, or guttertattooz@gmail.com

    Shannon, @sbh_tattoos can be contacted directly for booking. shannonhayward@gmail.com

    Rizz, @rizzesqueda our guest artist is taking bookings as well, contact him on Instagram or rizzesqueda@gmail.com

    If you are looking to book with Shop Owner, Ory, @iamtheory1 please be advised there is a waitlist.
    Begin by sending an email with as much info/references as possible, including your phone number, someone will contact you via phone to schedule an in person consultation, at the time of the consultation, a non-refundable CASH deposit will be taken if you wish to proceed with the appointment.
    Again, please be advised there is a waitlist.

  • Friendly Reminder

    When in the shop for your appointments, please be courteous and turn your cell phone on silent.
    This would include; keyboard clicks on silent, not taking or making phone calls/video calls, and using headphones for your music/videos/podcasts.
    If you and your friends/family are arriving together, one will be in their appointment and one will be sitting in the waiting area, please be respectful and do not shout conversations etc.
    It can be very distracting to the Artists to have all of the extra noise and movements.

    Of course, use your phones, bring your friends and family, but remember to be mindful of the Artists at work, in the space.




    Staff on site. Drop off access available.
    Please call 250-589-8546 for all shipments and deliveries for Empire Tattoo

  • Covid-19 Closure Update

    Covid-19 Closure Update


    Hey Friends, thanks for hanging in there. Our latest update is a bit of a bummer. We will be closed for April 2020 with the possibility of the closure exceeding into May. If something changes we will let you know but until the gov. says otherwise we will remain closed. Please keep watching our feeds for updates. We hope to reopen asap.

    Follow the Empire Artists to get their latest anything and everything. We have been missing the heck out of each other and our clients so don’t worry... Empire is coming back no matter what. We just don’t know when exactly. Please stay tuned.

    Our online admin and managing department will be on hold for partial duration of the Covid-19 closure. Please contact Empire Tattoo Artists directly for future booking possibilities and general inquiries. Find their contact info through the following links:

    * Ory * Lee Conklin * Sean Welsh
    * Cat Siren * Elise Van V * Katie Burgess
    * Kirsten Wale

    Follow the Artists Instagram accounts for updates during this time.

    @iamtheory1 @leeconklintattoos @inkedbyseanwelsh
    @catsiren @snarkysharkart @skinartbykatie

    Stay up to date with the Covid-19 pandemic and get on www.canada.ca for updates and self assessment tools.

    Thanks so much, everyone. Hang in there, we got this. We will see you all soon.
    Be safe, stay home. <3

  • BC makes it Mandatory for Personal care services to close :(

    BC makes it Mandatory for Personal care services to close :(

    We Have been closed since Yesterday and will be closed at least until April 1st. It's uncertain if we will reopen this April but we are hopeful. Please Inquire with Artists directly for future booking opportunities, keeping in mind there may be a bit of a wait. Find their contact through our Links page here: Empire Contact Links

    We sincerely hope your all safe practicing good social distancing, looking out for your communities and loved ones. Empire Staff are safe and sound making Art and working from home. Staying creative.

    See story updates on instagram here: Empire IG
    We will be posting cause what else we gonna dooooo???

  • Stay safe, Stay Healthy, we'll miss you but we shall meet again soon. <3

    Stay safe, Stay Healthy, we'll miss you but we shall meet again soon. <3

    We implemented health and safetly measures to protect our staff, clients, their loved ones and our community

    Empire Tattoo will be closed for the remainder of March 2020

    We are hoping to re-open for April 1st, 2020.
    *This is subject to change based on the uncertain outcome of our current worldwide health crisis.

    Contact Empire Tattoo Artists directly for future online booking opportunities.
    Get their contact info through our website at: www.empiretattoo.ca

    Please stay safe out there, friends!

    We will have our online social outlets updated to keep everyone in the loop.
    Please keep yourself informed, follow us online
    through our website, facebook, instagram or twitter accounts.

  • We take walk ins!

    We take walk ins!

    Walk ins are welcome here! Most days we have space for those impulse tattoo goers. Pop into Empire in person or call us to see what are day to day is like. Every day is different since we do book first and foremost with Cash deposits. Bring your ideas or come check out the available flash designs. We are open every day from *12-7pm. All is welcome to come take a peek at the shop and visit anytime. Must be 18 or older to enter the Empire. See you soon!

    Find us located Downtown Victoria on BC's Vancouver Island at 1672 Douglas St. next to Centennial Square and across from the Victoria Public Market. All busses to downtown Victoria will get you to the Empire!

    Here's a Map!
    -- EmpireTattooLocationMap --

    Hope to see you all soon. Get those summer tattoos in and healed, the time is now!

    *Hours are subject to change at short notice.

    Contact us at: 2505907074

  • Tattoos by Trevor Pelletier

    Tattoos by Trevor Pelletier

    Hey Friends! We have another wicked Guest Artist coming to hang out with us and do some sweet tattoos for you!

    Book now with Trevor for his guest spot with us Feb 26-Mar 2! Inquire with him directly for booking info: hornetsnesttattoos@gmail.com Check is IG @5nake.me.home.tonight for more of his work and hit him up! Trevor is game for custom tattoos, small, medium or big, in various styles with colour or black and grey. Go see for yourself! @5nake.me.home.tonight

    For all other inquires please call 2505907074. We are available 7 days a week from 12-7pm.

  • Flash Day Announcement

    Flash Day Announcement

    Attention Everyone! Australia is on FIRE and desperately needs our help. Here's how we can do it together!

    Tomorrow Jan 31/2020, Cat and Katie are holding a Flash Day fundraiser event to raise funds for Australia because of the devastating fires engulfing the homes and the lives of the people and animals who inhabit this precious environment currently going up in FLAMES. Please help! This is incredibly heartbreaking.

    Cat and Katie will have set flash designs with set pricing available on site.

    First come first served.
    You will be required ID
    Cash Only

    100% of proceeds go to the cause.

    We will also be accepting Cash if clients wish to help but are unable or do not want to get tattooed.

    Some restrictions may apply. Please check with Cat and Katie directly for design information.

    You can email Cat and Katie directly at:

    Donate directly online or organizations like:
    Wires Wildlife Rescue Organization www.wires.org.au
    Red Cross www.redcross.ca

    Some Terrifying Facts:

    Over 18 million hectares have burned in the Australian bushfire season 2019–2020 as of mid-January according to media reports, destroying over 5,900 buildings including over 2,800 homes. In addition to human fatalities, many millions of animals are reported to have been killed.

    Nearly 50 nationally threatened animal and plant species are believed to have had at least 80% of the area in which they live affected by bushfire, a federal environment department analysis has found.

    In December, the smoke was so heavy in Sydney that the air quality measured 11 times higher than the "hazardous" level.

    Just to name a few.

    Please come by and show your support. We hope to see your lovely faces tomorrow!

    1672 Douglas St located in downtown Victoria, BC
    We open at noon.

  • Snow Day!

    Snow Day!

    EMPIRE IS CLOSED TODAY FOR A SNOW DAY! Sorry for the inconvenience. We should be back to regular shop hours tomorrow. Keep you posted. Have a fun and safe snow filled day, friends!

  • Holidays are on the way!

    Holidays are on the way!

    Hey Friends! Take a moment to take in the holiday hours. We are closed Dec 24, 25, 26, 31 & Jan 1. Get in quick for your last minute Christmas gift!
    Gift Certificates :) Any denomination. Open Hours 12-7pm outside closed holiday hours.

    Happy Holidays!

  • Paisley Popart Guesting at Empire Tattoo Feb 18-20

    Paisley Popart Guesting at Empire Tattoo Feb 18-20

    Paisley Popart is coming to Empire Tattoo Feb 18-20! Inquire with her directly for booking info. She can be found through her instagram account or emailed directly. Her style is super cute and fun kawaii pop art! Colourful Anime, cartoons, comics, video games, disney characters, you name it!

    Check out her work here:

    Email Paisley for booking info: EmailPaisleyPopArt

  • Long Term Guesty in the House!

    Long Term Guesty in the House!

    The Lovely Ashley Hamilton is here at Empire for an extended guest spot. She will be here for a unknown duration of time. Book now. DM her directly on instagram or hit up her email. We can also book you a consultation by phone. We can be reached 12-7pm Every day of the week!! 2505907074

    Pop into the shop to see her wanna do Flash book for all her available designs. Check her out. www.instagram.com/ashen.ink

    Email: redfoxtattooz@gmail.com

  • Shop Hours are changing!

    Shop Hours are changing!

    Hey Friends. It’s been a long time but we’re bringing it back! 7 day weeks at The Empire. Now you can hit us up for walk ins any day of the week! Call for availability or pop on in.
    See you soon!

  • Marked by Morelli to Guest at Empire Tattoo

    Marked by Morelli to Guest at Empire Tattoo

    Check her out and get yourself booked! She is here Aug 9 & 10! See her work on her instagram here: www.instagram.com/markedbymorelli
    Email directly for bookings at: markedbymorelli@gmail.com



    Hey Friends, Dustin has some big news. He will be starting a new adventure in Toronto and leaving Empire Tattoo once September hits. We’re gonna miss the shit out of him but sincerely wish him all the best. And don’t worry everyone.. He’ll be back here and there for guest spots. Keep tabs here or any of our other outlets for updates on his availability for future guest spots here at the Empire Tattoo.

  • Elise Van V is now accepting clients!

    Elise Van V is now accepting clients!

    Empire Tattoo's latest apprentice Elise Van V is now accepting clients! Elise is currently booking for small & medium sized pieces and is most comfortable with the traditional, neotraditional and illustrative styles. Color or Black and grey. Guaranteed apprentice rates!
    Check out the "Available to be tattooed" section for her wanna do flash designs! |https://empiretattoo.ca/section/415427-Available-to-be-Tattooed.html|Inquire directly by email or call Empire to book a consultation. 2505907074


  • It's that time of year again!

    It's that time of year again!

    Get out that sunscreen!

  • Empire Tattoo Presents Kirsten Wale!

    Empire Tattoo Presents Kirsten Wale!

    Say hi to our new Part time resident artist Kirsten Wale. She will be working with us Wednesday-Saturday one week of every month. Take a look at what she can do! Specializing in Illustrative, neo-traditional and realism. Black and grey or color. For booking details and upcoming dates please contact Kirsten Directly.

    email: evolutionofalice@gmail.com

  • Empire Tattoo's new apprentice Elise!

    Empire Tattoo's new apprentice Elise!

    Elise is Empire Tattoos Latest Apprentice! Stay tuned for progress updates and her tattoo availability. She is currently in the learning stages but will be tattooing soon. In the meantime take a moment to check out her artwork. This girl has style and artistic talent. We are looking forward to watching her grow. Stay tuned, friends!

    Tattoos coming soon...

    Link to artwork: empiretattoo.ca/section/477474-Artwork-…

  • Empire Tattoo Holiday Hours

    Empire Tattoo Holiday Hours
  • Gift Certificates Always Available!

    Gift Certificates Always Available!

    Any denomination. Sold at Empire. Cash Only! Give the gift of art!

  • Merch Sale!

    Merch Sale!

    Come on down and get yourselves some Empire attire! 50% off until Dec 22nd or while quantities last.

  • Welcome to the Empire, Cat Siren!

    Welcome to the Empire, Cat Siren!

    Hello Friends!

    We have a special announcement to make... we have a new artist on board and her name is Cat. We are very excited!
    check out her out!

  • Black Friday Flash Sale!

    Black Friday Flash Sale!

    Hey Friends,

    We are having a Mega Flash sale Friday Nov 23rd! Dustin, Sean and Brian will be slinging discounted original flash tattoos all day! Come down and check it out. Lots to choose from! Bring Cash and your ID.
    Can't wait to see you!

    See available flash pieces on our instagram or facebook!

  • Halloween Special!!

    Halloween Special!!

    Monster and Horror Portraits at $100per hour with Dustin, Brian and NOW Ory! Booking NOW! email them directly with your tattoo portrait ideas to arrange a consultation and get booked for the 31st. 1 Day ONLY! Get on it!


  • Tattoos by Guy-Antoine Blais

    Tattoos by Guy-Antoine Blais

    GUEST ARTIST Guy-Antoine Blais October 23-27. See more of his work plus wanna do’s via IG www.instagram.com/gigantornio Email directly for bookings! guyantoineblais@hotmail.com “Favoured style would be anything in the new shool ish cartoon, Neo-Japanese, illustrative, manga etc, animals and everything nature.” Hit him up!

  • It's that time of year again..

    It's that time of year again..

    Show your tattoos the respect and care they deserve. Keep them at their best and out of the sun!

  • Deposit Policy Update

    Deposit Policy Update

    Hey Friends,

    We have updated our Deposit policy. Most importantly our required amount of notice to reschedule, cancel and changes in duration of the tattoo appointment is now 72 hours.
    Please take the time to review.
    Thanks very much!

    Empire Tattoo

  • Brian Dangerfield joins Empire Tattoo

    Brian Dangerfield joins Empire Tattoo

    Brian will be at Empire starting May 23rd. See more of his work online at:
    www.instagram.com/briandangerfield Email him directly for info and bookings at: b.dangerfield.ink@gmail.com

  • Guest spot Announcement - Jamie Macpherson

    Guest spot Announcement - Jamie Macpherson

    Get tattooed by Jamie Macpherson, June 12-16.
    Jamie specializes in Traditional Japanese. Email him directly for bookings and more info at: ninjamie@mail.com
    See more of his work and available flash on his instagram at: www.instagram.com/ninjamie_tattoo

  • Goodbye and Good Luck Ian!

    Goodbye and Good Luck Ian!

    It's official, friends... Ian has worked his last day for us at Empire Tattoo and we wish him all the best at his new digs, Black Label Tattoos in Duncan BC. Already missing our creepy little misfit.
    If you are in need of reaching him, his email is: ianolsentattoo@gmail.com

  • Furrever Friends Flash Day Fundraiser Pets!

    Furrever Friends Flash Day Fundraiser Pets!
  • Flash Day 2018 Swag Bag Winner!

    Flash Day 2018 Swag Bag Winner!

    The winning Ticket for the Swag Bag Draw has been drawn! Do you have the matching ticket numbers?! Bring your ticket in to retrieve your prize! Congratulations, friend!
    If your an out of towner, email the shop with a picture of you and your ticket and we will hold onto it until someone is able to pick it up for you. Thank you everyone!

  • Tattoo Artist Wanted

    Tattoo Artist Wanted

    Join Empire Tattoo!
    Artists must have 5 years previous tattoo shop experience.
    please apply through our email
    We look forward to hearing from you!

  • It's happening! Flash Day Party 2018!

    It's happening!  Flash Day Party 2018!

    More info coming soon.. stay tuned and watch for updates on the event page.

  • Ian is moving...

    Ian is moving...

    We miss him already and wish him all the best. <3

  • New Shop Days!

    New Shop Days!

    We will be closed Sunday's and Mondays starting Dec 24th.

  • Happy Holiday Hours

    Happy Holiday Hours
  • Fur-Ever friends raises $4610.60!

    Fur-Ever friends raises $4610.60!

    Our Fur-Ever friends flash day was a huge success! 65 tattoos later we raised $4610.60 for the Victoria Pet Adoption Society. Thank you to everyone who donated, participated, and volunteered. A big thanks to the artists for banging out some amazing pieces and donating their time for the cause. What an amazing day!
    Ory Pereira, Ian Olsen, Dustin Logan, Paige B Fahie, Lee Conklin and Sean Welsh. 2%jazz at the Hudson,Heather of Vin Coco and Kitten Mittens Bloody Buttons!
    Thank you!

  • Empire XMAS Holiday contest

    Empire XMAS Holiday contest

    Winner announced Jan 2nd 2018

  • Empire Tattoo's Fur-Ever Friends Flash Day event!

    Empire Tattoo's Fur-Ever Friends Flash Day event!

    Coming to Empire Dec 8th! Check out the event page for more info. 100% of proceeds from the event go directly to the Victoria Pet Adoption Society!



  • Calgary Tattoo and Arts Festival 2017

    Calgary Tattoo and Arts Festival 2017

    Hey! Go check out the show if your around Calgary this weekend. Dustin, Paige and Sean from Empire are there. Go by their booth to say hi or even get your next tattoo!

    Check it out! www.calgarytattooshow.com

  • Return of the Sean

    Return of the Sean

    Sean made it and he's here at The Empire! Check out his portfolio and book your consultation with him now! See more of his work here:


    message him directly for general inquiries at:


    Call the shop to book at: 2505907074

  • Fresh Updates!

    Fresh Updates!

    Hey Friends, Check out our "Available to be tattooed" section. Updated frequently.


  • Isaac is moving!

    Isaac is moving!

    Isaac is moving to Sidney to work for Dave Knight at Second Street Tattoo. His last day is October 11th. Get at him to get your existing piece or new. Book a consult: 2505907074
    Direct message at: isaacjoeholland@gmail.com

    We wish him all the best. He will be missed here at the Empire.

  • Sean Welsh Joins Empire Tattoo Crew

    Sean Welsh Joins Empire Tattoo Crew

    Sean Welsh will be joining Empire Tattoo September 24th. Book your consultation now or email him directly with your ideas.
    Sean specializes in various styles ranging from neotraditional, Japanese anime illistrative fusion, neotraditional japanese, blackwork and portraiture.
    Check out more of his work here:

  • Empire Campout 2017

    Empire Campout 2017
  • Alana Cronshaw Art and Tattoo

    Alana Cronshaw Art and Tattoo

    Alana Cronshaw to guest at Empire Tattoo July 18-20! Check out more of her work through her Facebook page: www.facebook.com/alanacronshawartandtat…
    or website at www.alanacronshaw.com.
    Message her directly for bookings at alanacronshaw@yahoo.ca

  • Ian Olsen is taking on new projects!

    Ian Olsen is taking on new projects!

    A public service announcement from Ian Olsen
    "Now is the time for new tattoos!
    Heres how its going to go down.
    - Send your ideas to ianolsentattoo@gmail.com including any reference, and placement on the body. -PLEASE INCLUDE A PHONE NUMBER! -After going through emails i will be setting up consultation dates for the end of the month and early july.
    Thanks again to everyone for the support. Lets make some cool shit!!"

  • Alana Cronshaw Guest Spot

    Alana Cronshaw Guest Spot

    Alana Cronshaw will be at The Empire and is taking bookings now! DM her for booking inquiries!


    See more of her work at alanacronshaw.com/

  • Dustin does Vancouver

    Dustin does Vancouver

    Hey Vancouver Friends! Go check out the convention in your town and visit Dustin for your next tattoo! do it.


  • We are MOVING!

    We are MOVING!

    Empire Tattoo is moving...next door! We will be closed during the move April 1-8 and will reopen on the 9th or maybe sooner. On to a bigger and better space! 1672 Douglas St, our new home. :)

  • It's a Party!!

    It's a Party!!

    Stay updated on Flash day through the event page here:


  • Sean Welsh to Guest at Empire Tattoo

    Sean Welsh to Guest at Empire Tattoo

    Once again we get the pleasure of having our favourite Dutch Sean Welsh! Get at him for booking info at inked-by-seanwelsh@hotmail.com. Check out more of his work here: www.instagram.com/inkedbyseanwelsh.com. Call the shop and book a consult! 2505907074
    Sean is here Feb 26-April 30.

  • Andi Jane to guest at Empire Tattoo May 1-4

    Andi Jane to guest at Empire Tattoo May 1-4

    Another guest spot for the lovely Andi Jane, May 1-4! Direct message her for booking info by email at: andijaneart@gmail.com. Check her work out at www.instagram.com/andi_the_pants

  • Empire Tattoo Welcomes Lee Conklin to our Team!

    Empire Tattoo Welcomes Lee Conklin to our Team!

    Hey all you guys! We have a new resident artist and his name is Lee Conklin. Be sure to check out his portfolio.
    Lee is accepting new clients, booking now and starting on February 8th.

    See more of his work on our website or his instagram.

  • "The Return of the Sean"

    "The Return of the Sean"

    Once again our good friend Sean Welsh is coming back for an extended guest spot Feb 26 - Apr 30
    Message him for booking info at:
    See more of his work at:

  • Empire Tattoo 6 year Anniversary Flash Day Party!

    Empire Tattoo 6 year Anniversary Flash Day Party!

    It's our Annual Anniversary Flash Day Party and we are turning 6!! We hope you will join us again for a full day of all of the Pre-drawn custom Flash Tattoos created by our resident artists, treats created by our shop manager and lots prizes! We will update the Facebook page as we get closer to the event but the countdown starts now! Start saving your monies. We can't wait, it's going to be the best one yet!!

    Go to our event page for more info and updates!

  • Nathan Donahoe to guest at The Empire!

    Nathan Donahoe to guest at The Empire!

    Tattoos by Nathan Donahoe coming to Empire Jan 23,24 & 25. Book with him directly by email. Attention Nathan: aceofswordstattoo@gmail.com. See more of his work at www.instagram.com/nathan_donahoe_tattoos.

  • Lee Conklin to guest spot at The Empire

    Lee Conklin to guest spot at The Empire

    Coming to Empire for a little guest spot is Lee Conklin January 16-20 message him directly for bookings at eightcount7@hotmail.com. Find more of his work here: www.instagram.com/leeconklintattoos

  • Holiday Hours

    Holiday Hours
  • Attention Ian's Wait listed Clients!

    Attention Ian's Wait listed Clients!
  • Flash DAYS!

    Flash DAYS!

    Come to Empire for a sweet new custom drawn flash tattoo piece by Isaac and Paige. Nov 25 & 26 they will be tattooing their custom flash all day at special flash day prices! First come first serve, open at 12pm until ?, and sweet tattoos all day long. Get yours!
    Stay tuned on our Facebook and instagram for updates, designs and prices.


  • !Meet our new Artist Paige

    !Meet our new Artist Paige

    Meet Paige Fahie our new Artist! Her tattoo style is illustrative, semi-realistic and neo-traditional.
    Paige is accepting new clients and taking walk ins. Give the shop a call if you would like to book a consultation with her. 250-590-7074
    You can email Paige directly at:

  • Empire Tattoo's Stick and Post Instagram contest!

    Empire Tattoo's Stick and Post Instagram contest!

    Winner announced Dec 1st. You could win an Empire Tattoo Gift Certificate with some extra Empire Swag! All you need to do is follow the instructions listed on the pic.
    Come get your Free Empire Tattoo Stickers now while quantities last. Limited amount available.

  • Join Us!

    Join Us!

    Be a kickass Motherfucker!
    Join our team!
    Must have 5 years hands on
    shop experience,
    have shit together and be chill AF.
    Inquire by email

  • Join our Team

    Join our Team

    Here at the Empire we are looking for a new full time resident artist. Artist must have at least 5 years hands on shop experience.
    Email us for further inquiries at:

  • Congratulations Emily!

    Congratulations Emily!

    Hey friends! We have a special announcement to make in the event of Emily's new adventure. She will be leaving Empire Tattoo as of Aug 31st to work at Painted Lotus for September 15th. We are very happy for her and wish her all the best. It's been an amazing 5 years with her as part of the Empire crew but as we all know change is good and most times necessary.

    So a Congratulations to you Emily!! We love you friend and know where to find you. All the best, you deserve it!

    You can contact Emily directly for any booking inquiries through her email at emily@emilyshoichet.com

  • Sean Welsh to do guest spot at Empire

    Sean Welsh to do guest spot at Empire

    Sean Welsh returns! Get in with him during his guest spot here at Empire Aug 22-26, Aug 29-Sept 2 and Sept 5,6 & 8. Email him directly for bookings at inked-by-seanwelsh@hotmail.com
    Check out more of his work here:

  • New T-Shirts and Tank Tops!

    New T-Shirts and Tank Tops!

    Designed by Isaac Empire T-shirts and Tank tops
    Unisex sizes $25 each.

    Come get some!

  • Deposit Policy

    Deposit Policy

    Deposit policy
    We have one and here is how it goes.

    -We require 48 hours notice for schedule changes and cancellations.

    -With proper notice deposits will remain valid and applied to future appointments.

    -in the event of a last minute cancellation, schedule change, or change of heart the deposit will become forfeit.

    -deposits received by the artists go towards total cost of tattoo unless deposit policy is not followed by clients

    No refunds on deposits.

    Empire Tattoo

  • Get tattooed by Antoine Gaumont

    Get tattooed by Antoine Gaumont

    Antoine still has some availability during his guest spot may 26-30th. Get one of his available flash pieces or something custom. Email him directly at gaumonttattoo@gmail.com
    Check more of his work!

  • Dave leaves Empire Tattoo :(

    Dave leaves Empire Tattoo :(

    Hey friends!
    We of the Empire have a special announcement to make. As of June 1st Dave will be leaving Empire Tattoo after 4 great years and will be working with our good friends at Carne Tattoo. We are sad to see him go and will miss him very much. All the best goes to him and his new adventure with the Carne Tattoo crew.
    If you are a current client of Dave's you will be contacted. Any other questions or appointments can be directed to his email.

  • Guest artist Antoine Gaumont May 26-30

    Guest artist Antoine Gaumont May 26-30

    Get tattooed by Antoine Gaumont during his guest spot May 26-30. Email him directly for bookings! gaumonttattoo@gmail.com
    Check out his portfolio online through www.slickstyledsteel.com/tattoo/antoine…

  • Kevin Ray Guest Artist

    Kevin Ray Guest Artist

    This May 16-21st Empire will be hosting guest artist Kevin Ray. Be sure to check out his portfolio here: www.instagram.com/kevinraytattoos/
    Email him directly for bookings at kevinraytattoos@gmail.com
    instagram: @kevinraytattoos

  • Saskatoon!


    Hey Saskatoon! Empire Tattoo will be attending the Saskatoon Tattoo Expo this coming April 15, 16 & 17th. All of the artists still have some time available for amazing tattoos. Get at them for details.
    iamtheory9@gmail.com (Orry)
    haddentattoo@live.com (Dave)
    jackjesus7@gmail.com (Ian)
    chipdipmother@hotmail.com (Dustin)
    Saskatoon Tattoo Expo

  • Long Term Guesty!

    Long Term Guesty!

    We have a Guest Artist by the name of Dustin joining us for a long stint of awesome tattoo making. Give the shop a call and book your consult for his stay starting March 16th.
    Check out his portfolio on the website.
    Instagram @dlodious

  • March 26th Empire Tattoo Celebrates!

    March 26th Empire Tattoo Celebrates!

    Flash day is just around the corner and the artists have started drawing up their pieces. "What's flash day?" It's Empire Tattoos annual way to celebrate the shop's very existence and this year we will be 5! Keep tabs on our Facebook and instagram for designs and event info.
    instagram @empiretattoo

  • Available to be tattooed!

    Available to be tattooed!

    Did you know we have a section dedicated to pieces the artists want to tattoo!? Well here is the link. empiretattoo.ca/section/415427-Availabl… Take a look. Each artists email is attached to the available pieces for you to email them directly. There may be the tattoo of your dreams just waiting for you.
    Find your design, email your artist, put down a deposit and the tattoo is yours! easy as pie. Whoop!

  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!

    It's 2016! Let's make beautiful tattoos together. We are looking forward to your company. :) Call the shop and book your consult today. 2505907074

  • Empire's Annual Facebook Caption Contest!

    Empire's Annual Facebook Caption Contest!

    It's that time again! Empire Tattoo's annual Caption contest! Here's what you'll win. A $100 gift certificate from Empire and some sweet swag! All you have to do is come up with the best caption for the attached photo and tag a friend. The winner will be chosen and announced on Facebook Dec 23rd.
    P.S you must "like" Empire Tattoo on the FB.

    Happy Holidays!

  • Gift certificate limited Holiday offer!

    Gift certificate limited Holiday offer!

    The Holidays are here and so are we! We've got your christmas shopping covered. Give your friends and family the gift that will last them a lifetime. We have gift certificate's available in any denomination. And for a limited time get our sticker set for free when you purchase a gift certificate. from now until Dec 24th. Happy Holidays!

  • Reno's complete!

    Hey there! Our Renovations are completed and the shop looks amazing. Come down and check it out for yourself!
    We also have some of our Flash art from the walls for sale. $5 each. Its a sweet deal. Don't miss out. Plus we like visitors. please come visit us. We would love to see your face.

    meow meow.

  • Tattoo shop makeover

    We are doing renos Sept 22-30th and will resume regular shop hours on October 1st! We are still answering the phone, emails will be replied to ASAP. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you... you can handle it.


  • Welcoming Our new Artist! Isaac Holland

    Welcoming Our new Artist!  Isaac Holland

    You may remember Isaac from a short guest spot he did here a couple years ago. Take another look and get booked.

    If your hankering for some Traditional Tattoos Isaac has you covered. Old School mixed with New School twist it into Neo-traditional and there you go. Take a look for yourself.
    instagram @isaacjholland

    Isaac will be a full fledged member of Empire Tattoo as of Aug 15 2015

  • Sean Welsh Back again

    Booking for Sean Welsh's guest spot has started now! Get yourself a spot Aug 23-27th. Message him for booking details.


  • Bart Leaves Empire

    Bart Leaves Empire

    Bart starts his new adventure and opens his new shop Carne Tattoo on Johnson st. We will miss him dearly and wish him all the love in our hearts and luck in the world.

    Love you Bart! We will be harassing you very soon. Thank you for everything. It was a pleasure to work with you these past couple years. Congrats friend.
    From your Empire Tattoo Family.

  • Heat Wave

    Victoria is having the best weather. Toasty toasty warm.

  • Kim Marks! 1 day only.

    June 1st Kim will be hanging out with us. Come by and say hi. maybe get tattooed. Check it out!

  • CARFREE 2015

    Victoria's first Car Free Street fair on Douglas is happening and we are joining in on the fun. Empire Tattoo will have a spot right in front of the shop with tons of art from the artists and more. Make sure to check it out. carfreeyyj.ca
    Fair runs 12-6pm on June 21st. 2015

  • To the Edmonton Tattoo and arts festival!

    Ian and Bart will be out at the Edmonton Convention May 1-3rd. If your in the neighborhood make sure to check out the show. Here is the link!
    albertatattooshows.com/Tattoo-Edmonton Shoot them a message if you want to hit them up

    The shop will be open regular shop hours

  • Saskatoon tattoo Expo

    We are off again to the Saskatoon tattoo Expo April 9-13! Convention runs the 10-12. Check it out. saskatoontattooexpo.ca

  • Andi Jane!

    Andi Jane is here and we are stoked! Come get tattooed April 1-3rd.
    shoot her a message andi@andijaneart.com Check out her portfolio www.andijaneart.com Don't miss out.

  • Vancouver we are a coming for you!

    Empire Tattoo will be attending the Vancouver Tattoo and culture Show this coming March 27-29. Check it out.


  • 4 Year Anniversary FLASH DAY PARTY!

    Come to the party on March 21st and celebrate with us.
    Get tattooed or don't
    Lots of flash to choose from. Random tattoo draw. Empire Swag prize draw.
    All of the Fun!

    Plus we have Empire Donuts and 2%Jazz Coffee supplying us with goodies.

    Go to our event page for more details.


    Check out our friends!


  • Garret Returns

    Garret Egles is visiting for a short 3 days coming up on March 3-5th. Check out his work and message him for bookings.
    We are just having all the fun! Join us!

  • Shawzy Returns!

    Check it out! Shawzy returns for a guest spot at Empire Feb 24,25,26! Only 3 Days to get in with him so make sure to get your booking in ASAP. Take a look at his website www.stephenshaw.ca shoot him a message stephenshawdesigns@gmail.com follow h on the Instagram. @stephenjshaw.
    Give us a call for more details. 250-590-7074

  • We have a New Artist and He is awesome

    Check out our new resident Artist Ian! He specializes in black and grey realism, portraiture, Biomechanical and creepy gross lumpy bumpy tattoos. Check out the portfolio because there is so much more he can do.
    Give us a call to book your consult with Ian.


  • Next Guest Artist! Fun fun fun!

    Get ready for our next guest artist. Sean Welsh is coming all the way from Weert Limburg, Belgium. He specializes in Black and Grey portrait style tattooing. Check out his Portfolio online. Booking starts now.
    Feel free to shoot him an email with your inquiries.
    Booking for Feb 1st-5th

  • Happy New Year Friends!

    We made it to another year and let me tell you it is going to awesome!
    We have some things planned out already with Guests artists, conventions and our annual flash day anniversary party so stay tuned. Whoop!

  • Happy New Year Friends!

  • More Holiday Hours!

    Empire will be closed
    Dec 31st & Jan 1st
    We will return to regular hours
    Friday Jan 2nd
    Happy New Year!!

  • Holiday hours!

    Today is the last day for Christmas for all your last minute Empire shopping.
    We will be closed all of Christmas eve day and Christmas day. We will return on Boxing Day.

    Have a great holiday everyone. Eat all of the food and take care.

  • December Guest artist FUN!

    Just a recap on our December... We had a great run with our guest artists. It was awesome to see some new faces and make new friends.
    Kamiuto, James and TioLu thanks for hanging out and keeping us company this December. It was a great lead up to the holidays. Hope to see you all soon.
    Happy Holidays to you!

  • Food for thought. Support your local artists.

    The holidays are here and we've got you covered. Support your local artists by picking up some of their Merch or getting tattooed. We have gift certificates in any denominations. Empire T-shirts, Daves Rose shirts and Bart's Duch Vader T-shirys available. Prints are also available by each of the artists starting as low as $5.
    Help your artists have a good holiday too. Thanks friends! :)
    Check out our merch

  • Address Change… minor

    So it turns out the city say's our address is 1674 not 1672. The change is now official with address decals on the door. So when your mailing our presents and gold please send to 1674 Douglas St!
    Totally minor but i guess it makes a difference :)

  • Back in action

    Empire Tattoo is back in full force with all of the resident tattoo artists! Get in for your consult. Let's do this. 250-590-7074

  • Alberta Bound Tattoo & Arts festival 2014

    Be there! If your in the Calgary and surrounding area on Oct 17,18 & 19, Emily, Dave and Bart will be there! Go say hello, get tattooed and bring treats for these guys. Its going to be a great show! go to the link for more info.


  • Surprise Guesty!

    Isaac Holland from Slick Styled Steel in Montreal is visiting us and doing a 3 day guest spot here at the Empire. Booking starts right now for Oct 14,15,16th. Give us a call! 250-590-7074

    Check out his portfolio on the Facebook page:

    Check him out and the shop he's working at through their website:

    Yay Friends!

  • Guest artist time! James Greenaway to Empire Tattoo

    Hey Everyone! James Greenaway will be guesting with Empire November 27th - Dec 1st. Bookings start now if you want to get in on it give us a call and shoot him a message!

    Check out his work!
    instagram @jamesgreenawaytattoo

  • Alberta Bound Tattoo & Arts festival - Edmonton

    Hey we are going to be at the Edmonton convention May 29th-June 1st and we are currently looking for a talented artist friend who would like to join our booth and work alongside us fine folk. If you are interested contact Chelsy at empire@empiretattoo.ca for booth info! Come have fun with us!


  • Saskatoon here we come

    Empire Tattoo will be away from Thursday April 10 to Tuesday April 15th and open again for tattooing pleasure on the 16th.

    Check out the Saskatoon Tattoo Expo if your in the province :)

  • Saskatoon Tattoo Expo 2014

    Empire Tattoo will be attending the Expo coming up on April 11-13th. The shop will be closed April 10-15th.

    Check out the link. If your in the province make sure to come down and say hi!


  • Check us out on the Instagram!

    We all have Instagram if your looking for another way to keep tabs on the artists and staff of Empire.


  • Empire Tattoo 3rd year Anniversary Tattoo Flash Party!!

    March 22nd 12-?pm
    Flash day coming up in March! Get ready to celebrate Empire Tattoos 3rd year anniversary with custom tattoo Flash from our very talented resident artists!

    More details soon!
    Keep tabs by following our facebook page!

  • Holiday Hours

    Empire Tattoo is open 7 days a week 12-7 but due to the holidays our hours will be as follows:
    Closed Dec 24-26 & 31
    Closed Jan 1st
    See ya on the flipside

  • Christmas is roaring around the corner!

    Check out what Empire has to offer for Xmas gifts! Gift certificates, shirts and prints! Come into the shop and have a boo.
    1672 Douglas St. Victoria BC 250-590-7074

  • Andi Jane Guesting! Just one more sleep

    Call the shop Andi Jane is here and only has a few spots available to tattoo you
    Nov 24-28th. Come on down to the shop or give us a call!

  • Empire T-Shirts and Tanks Available now!

    Hurry while quantities last. We don't do t-shirt/tank runs very often so now is your chance to get yours.

    Unisex T's/Tanks Available sizes small-Xlarge $20each


  • Very good Article - Please read

    Check out this great article about one artists reasons why she will not do hand/neck/finger/face tattoos. We're not saying that we won't tattoo these places (we don't tattoo faces EVER) but we do have our limits. Points made in the article here are right on the money and Electric Alivia knows her shit. Please take the time to read it :) If we turn your idea down the reasoning is here.

  • We made it!

    Hello Victoria! We made it back to the island and will be back in the shop tomorrow. We still have some t's and tanks available in select styles and sizes. Hurry while the getting is good.

    Calgary was a blast but were glad to be back home. Every year at the convention gets better and better and we always seem to meet some pretty rad people. We had all of the fun and now its back to the grind and more fun. YOu can take a look at our adventure at the link below.

  • Andi Jane for a guest spot win!

    Pretty soon Andi Jane will be back for a visit and you'll be wondering why you didn't book in. Well now is your chance. She has only a few spots left for bookings. Check out her portfolio on her website listed below, give her a email and call the shop to book.

  • Busy Busy Busy

    Empire has a busy next couple of months coming up. Oct 18-20 we are at The Calgary Tattoo & Arts Festival! If your in the neighbourhood come check it out. Hope to see you there!

    To follow up our adventures we have the lovely Andi Jane coming back for another guest spot at the end of November. It's never to early to get yourself booked in. Give us a call to chat a little more about her availability. 250-590-7074 www.andibolzart.com

  • Emily is taking walk ins on Saturday

    This Saturday Sept 7th only Emily will be taking walk ins from 12-7pm. First come first serve.

    See you Saturday

  • Empire goes to Calgary

    Hey Everybody! We are attending the Alberta bound Calgary Tattoo festival and arts 10th Anniversary show this year. The show starts Oct 18th and goes until the 20th! Hope to see you friends there.

    We will be doing mostly walk up appointments. Some of the artists may have spots left available for pre-bookings. Shoot us a email with your designs and hopefully we can get you in at the convention.


  • Andi Jane! She comes to play! Get in for your tattoo today!

    Lookie lookie who we have coming back again to keep us company next month! Miss Andi Jane! Coming from Edmonton to to awesome rad fun tattoos on any of those who choose. Call the shop we can figure out the details together and shoot Andi an email with your thoughts andijane@andibolzart.com Come one, come all!
    you can also get the latest on her instagram if your hip with it @andi_the_pants
    August 6-15

    Check her portfolio on her website here www.andibolzart.com

  • Empire Ranks 3rd! :)

    we were voted 3rd best tattoo shop in Victoria This year! Even tho its not 1st we are happy to have made it on the polls. Pretty good considering we've only been around since 2011! Thanks for your support everyone and maybe next year we will make it to #1!


  • Bryan Kachel comes back for a visit!

    Next up in Empire Tattoo's line of Guest artist fire is Bryan Kachel. July 9th and 10th. Get booked in. Check his website out to while your at it www.bryankachel.com This is a great video to boot. :) Check out the link below vvv


  • Think Empire Pre Order your T-shirt or Tank!

    Hey so it looks like starting tomorrow we will be excepting pre order payments for the Think Empire T-shirts and Tanks.. They will be on white and can come in Mens and Womens T-shirts and unisex tanks $20 each. you can see the design at the link below!


    Pre Orders start Friday June 7 2013

  • Stickers!

    We have Darth Vader and Boba Fett Empire Tattoo Stickers in stock for $1 each. Come down and get them while quantities last. empiretattoo.ca/artwork/3175032_Darth_V…

  • Dave on Vacation

    Hey Dave fans and clients.. Dave will be away in Prince George doing a guest spot until June 18th. Give us a call if you want to get yourself in for a consult when he gets back. 250-590-7074 He's booking up quick. :) Talk to you soon!

  • Thank you Garret

    We had a blast the last couple weeks here at the Empire Tattoo. Garret is an amazing artist and person. Thanks again for coming out and playing with us Garret. Can't wait to see you again!!

    Stay tuned for more Guest spots from Garret

    In the meantime you can drool over his work and plan your next tattoo.
    Check out his blog here:


  • Bart's First day at Empire!

    Today is the Day! Bart brings his things and gets settled into the Empire Tattoo family. We are super excited to have him join our squad. check out his portfolio and book in a consult with him. empiretattoo.ca/section/360801_Tattoos_…

  • Shawzy's last day

    Today is Shawzy's last day and we bid him farewell. Don't be too upset, he will be back to do guest spots at some time so make sure keep tabs on the facebook and websites for his visits.

    You can keep up with Shawzy here:



    We will miss you Shawzy you old grump. Happy Travels!!

  • New Artist At Empire May 4th!

    Empire Tattoo Welcomes Bart! Check his portfolio, he is very well versed in various tattoo styles specializing in Traditional Japanese and traditional old school designs. Book your consult today 250-590-7074

  • A message from your friendly guest artist Garret Egles

    "Attn: Friends and Clients! I will be doing a guestspot at EMPIRE TATTOO in beautiful Victoria BC from May 19th-30th to book please email me at: Gegles.tattoo @ gmail.com and please CC: empire@empiretattoo.ca with reference and a desired appointment time. Get ready for some dance parties!" - Garret


  • Shawzy all booked up

    Shawzy is now fully booked until he leaves.. sorry folks you snooze you lose. Guess you will have to wait till he comes back to do his guest spots after the summer. Shawzy starts his traveling endeavors May 3rd.

  • Sonya Opal Guest Spots at Empire Tattoo

    The lovely lady Miss Sonya Opal is coming for a short visit April 20-22rd. I believe she will have a few gaps that could be filled too! We will keep you posted on her availability, but in the meantime check out her work.
    If you are interested in getting tattooed by her give us a call so we can chat about getting you an appointment. 250-590-7074 :D

  • Shawzy is leaving Empire Tattoo

    Shawzy will be leaving Empire Tattoo to do some traveling. We might see him again but there are no definite dates. He will be tattooing up until the first week of May, so if you are a client get down here and book yourself some time to finish off your projects. May is just around the corner and he's booking up quick! See you soon.

  • Flash Day Was a Blast!

    Thanks to everyone that came out today for the Empire Tattoo Flash Day Anniversary party. It was amazing and tons of fun. Also we would like to thank the lovely Heather and her specialty Vin Coco cake awesomeness! We love you. Enjoy your new tattoos everybody!

  • Flash Day Swag Bag 50/50 draw March 23rd 12pm-?

    On top of doing a super fun Flash Day for Empire Tattoos 2nd Anniversary we will be doing a 50/50 draw for a Empire full Swag Bag.
    Bag will include a gift certificate for Empire Tattoo, prints, shirts, stickers and more! All proceeds collected will be added onto the gift certificate! So tell your friends to come buy up some tickets and one of you might win a good amount of tattoo time with one of our artists.

    Each client getting tattooed the day of the event will receive one complimentary ticket for the draw.
    Tickets will be for sale at $2 each or 3 for $5

    Good Luck! See you on Flash Day

  • Vin Coco for Flash Day!

    Just a week 1/2 away until Flash Day. Get yourself geared up and come join the fun.. Empire tattoo also gets the pleasure of having Vin Coco bake us a cake for our Birthday!! We plan to share :) Make sure your here early enough to enjoy a piece :D In the meantime you can check out the link to Vin Coco and hunt her down at the Markets for some goodies.


  • Shawzy back on Facebook

    You can follow Shawzy on his new facebook page!

  • Andi is Almost Here!

    Picking up this lovely lady tonight from the airport. Andi comes all the way from Edmonton AB Atomic Zombie Tattoo Studio Gallery to hang out with us and pump out amazing tattoos. If you haven't booked your appointment with her yet, do it now. She only has a few spots remaining.
    email Andi and visit her website andijane@andibolzart.com

  • Hey it's our 2nd Anniversary! Did you know?? Get Flashed!

    Did you know that Empire is doing a All Day Flash Day for our 2 year anniversary!? On March 23rd 12-?pm the artists in the shop will be tattooing on a first come first serve basis designs that they have drawn up for the day.
    Photo's will be put up in advance... how much advance? not sure. When the flash is made and handed off to be posted, that is when you will see some examples. Get excited!! Come celebrate our Birthday with us and get tattooed!

  • Tattoo artist shirt club names Shawzy March's feature artist

    Hey everyone! Check out Tattoo artist shirt club for Shawzy's panter T-shirt up for sale. Girls and guys shirts will be up for grabs in all sizes. Here's the link, have a boo

  • Bookings

    Hey everyone,
    We would just like to go over our booking procedure with you.
    If you would like to get a quote or talk to someone about your tattoo idea, please call the shop and book a consult. We do not schedule appointments over email or facebook.
    If you would like to straight up book a tattoo appointment, come down to the shop in person prepared with a cash deposit of $60-$100 Cash money. We do not accept debit, check or Credit.

    Thanks so much

    Empire Tattoo

  • Flash Day!!

    Empire Tattoo is doing a flash Day coming up in March! March 23rd to be exact.. all day flash by each of the artists will be available. Custom flash at a first come first serve basis. No bookings for this day just come down and get your ass tattooed. Sorry folks no pics of the flash yet, but we will keep ya posted.

  • Spencer is Back!!

    Spencer is back and part time in the shop.. if you are a client of his and would like to arrange an appointment to do so, contact Spence through his email makespence@hotmail.com. All appointments are made through Spence and not the shop.

  • Andi Bolz back at the Empire!

    Andi Jane Bolz is coming to town.. again!! yay!! We love this lady and can't get enough. Join us during her stay and get tattooed by her graciousness. March 10-15 is when this goes down and you don't want to miss out. Get booked in while you still can. It seems like a long way from now, but she's already booking.

    Check out her portfolio

  • Shawzy's Website is looking fresh

    Newly updated for your viewing pleasure.
    Check it out and all it's radness. Plan your next tattoo with Shawzy.

  • Goodbye Garret.. until next time

    Garret Egles came and went, but left us with some new wicked tattoos and an awesome new friend. We hope to see him in the near future. There is word that he may be back for a longer guest spot in April. Follow us and we will keep you posted. His work is amazing and you all need to know.
    Check out his blog and amazing work.

  • Holiday Hours

    Holiday Hours are as Follows and subject to change without notice

    Everyday we are open 12pm-7pm

    We are closed on
    Dec 24-25th
    Jan 1st

    Sometimes we leave early because we can.. but mostly we stay until 7pm

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to you all!

    Empire Tattoo

  • Gift Certificates

    last minute presents don't get better then this! Gift Certificates in any denomination for that special person or maybe even yourself? Ask us for a sticker, we will give you one!!

  • Openings!

    Shawzy has tattoo time openings this Thursday Dec 13 (tomorrow) and Friday the 14th! come down or give us a call to arrange an appointment! We would love to see you get more tattoos. Treat yourself.. tis the season


  • Support ATM (Amsterdam tattoo Museum)

    Shawzy has a shirt and two prints for sale at the shop. All 3 for $30 with all proceeds going to @tattoomuseum. Help out @hankypankyatm and his crew if u can and donate #freeatm
    For shipping info etc stephenshawdesigns@gmail.com


    Check the link on more information regarding their situation and for more ways you can help.

  • Amsterdam Tattoo Museum Benefit Sketchbook

    The Amsterdam Tattoo Museum (A.T.M.) is in danger of shutting down. You can read their About page for more info, or the official plea for help here. tattoomuseum.wordpress.com
    Their goal is to pre-sell as many sketchbooks as possible and donate the profits to the A.T.M.

    These books will be standard 8 1/2"x11" and feature the sketches and line drawings of around 100 tattoo artists. They'll be professionally printed, have a color cover, black and white sketches, be wire bound and the pages will be #60lb.

    We will be selling them as a Pre-order until SUNDAY, JAN 13th, 2013. Then we will order the books and begin shipping them over the next week. There will be a very limited amount of books available after the Pre-Order, so don't miss out.

    Emily is just one of the many talented artists with a sketch in the book. Get your pre-orders in!

  • It's time for another Guesty! Garret Egles Dec 17-19th!

    Garret Egles is coming to Empire to play with us! We are looking forward to spending some good old tattoo quality time with this guy. Dec 17-19th is just a short stay, but you still have a chance to get booked in with him if you get on it right away!

    please contact him and the shop to book in!! email : gegles.tattoo@gmail.com and cc empire@empiretattoo.ca

  • Emily in Peelundstick

    PEELUNDSTICK makes a return trip North of our border to Canada once again to check in on the amazingly talented Emily Shoichet; tattoo artist by day, creator of rad iPhone cases by night.

    Drawing from her years as a fine tattoo artist, Emily channels unbelievably rich and colorful imagery; mostly musing on beautiful women with a cultured and refined presentation style.

    Enjoy the interview.



    Help raise money for cancer research! There will be stick-on mustaches to purchase by donation and a raffle for prizes from Empire Tattoo and TWO TICKETS TO SEE MUSE IN VANCOUVER!
    Thursday 9:00pm until 2:00am
    $12 at the door
    $10 advanced tickets available at Ditch Records


  • Tis the season for giving!

    Hey everyone! Looking for the perfect gift for someone special.
    We have some things that may just be the right fit. A selection of merch is still available to you. Some T-Shirts and Prints are able to be purchased in the shop (sorry no shipping). Although, you can't go wrong with a gift certificate sold in any denomination and they never expire.
    We hope to see your lovely faces soon ;)
    Come one, come all
    Love Empire Tattoo

  • Storm Trooper Empire Tattoo Pre Orders are Over

    Sorry folks, you missed the run. Good news for those who ordered tho. They get their super wicked Empire T-Shirt or Hoody before Christmas. Yay!

  • Last chance to Pre-Order!

    get your pre-orders in for the Storm Trooper Empire Tattoo T-Shirt or Hoody! Order goes in on Tues Nov 20th and it will be your last chance to get this Empire design. We will not be making these again.
    T-shirt $20
    Hoody $50

    Do it now before it's too late

  • Gift Certificates.. tis the season

    did you know??
    We sell gift certificates!
    If your looking for good gift ideas, you can't go wrong with a GF.
    Come get yourself one, your friends and your friends friends some too.

  • going out tonight?

    Hit up Soprano's Victoria for some in your face loud music.. Class of 1984 and BuzzArd will be blowing up the stage with mega sound! Come on down. Empire Tattoos Chelsy will be there jamming out, join her!

  • Chris Iwaniuk Guest at Empire Tattoo

    This coming Nov 11-17th we have a new guest artist coming in from Edmonton to make you more awesome. Check out his portfolio in
    Empire or online. You won't be disappointed. Get booked in with this wizard and make some magic. Let's do this. Get your tattoo on with Chris.


  • Storm Trooper Empire Tattoo Merch Pre Order

    you can still pre-order your Storm Trooper Empire Tattoo hoody, long sleeve and T-shirts at Empire Tattoo
    Come into the shop with your cash money dollar and get on the pre-order train before it's too late.
    In store only.. no shipping sorry.

    Hoody $50
    Long Sleeve $30
    T-Shirts $20

  • Another Guest Artist!! Matty McLaughlin

    Come down to Empire Tattoo and get booked in with Matty for his stay Oct 22-25th
    We are stoked to have him join us for the first time at the Empire.
    Check out his website here:

  • The Calgary Tattoo & Arts Festival 2012

    We went, we saw, we concurred! Empire Tattoo attended the 2012 Calgary tattoo and arts festival at the BMO center in Calgary Alberta. The whole shop flew out and represented.. It was a Blast!
    This convention is a favorite of ours. It's always jammed packed with super talented artists and good times.
    Check the link below and make a point to come out next year. We might just make it out again for the third time in a row.

  • "Get Ink'd Pink for a Cure" Success!!!

    The Ocean 98.5's event "Get Ink'd Pink for a Cure" and Empire raised up 3433.75 in donations for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation BC/Yukon! So Awesome!
    Thanks to everyone who came out and donated
    The Ocean for putting on this Event and letting us be a part of it
    Good Guy Tattoo Supply, thank you for supplying us!
    Noodle box for keeping us fed!
    Starbucks for just being awesome
    Jacquie with Harmony in the Horizon yoga and Thai massage for volunteering her day to us.
    Thank you All!!!


  • The Ocean 98.5 second Annual Get Ink'd Pink for a Cure

    Empire Tattoo is teaming up with The Ocean 98.5 again for The second Annual Get Ink'd Pink for a Cure at Empire Tattoo. We will be raising money on Sept 28th from 10am - 6pm for the BC Breast Cancer Foundation. We have provided 3 ribbon designs for the day of the event and will be tattooing them for a $30 min in which all proceeds will be going out to the cause! Check out the link for more details!

    *note - Ribbons are non-negotiable on size, design and color. There will be a min donation fee of $30 and you must be 18 to enter the tattoo shop let alone to get tattooed - no parental consent. No minors Thank you.


    Special thanks to Good Guy Tattoo Supply for helping us out with supplies and Noodle Box for keeping us fed throughout the event!


  • Guess who's back!!!

    October is just around the corner which means we have a guesty coming to town! The one and only Heath Smith!! Were pretty excited to have him back at Empire for a 5 day spread.
    Give his website a lookie loo, you might find his style just what you've been on the hunt for. He still has a few time slots left during his stay, you know you want to get in on it. So go check him out and get tattooed by Heath while you still can.


  • Erin Chance

    Erin Chance came, went and was amazing during her stay here at Empire Tattoo. She worked steady for her stay, used her wizardry magic and pumped out some awesome tattoos! Check out her stuff on her website! Keep tabs on the our facebook page for any updates regarding her return! Keep your fingers crossed that we get to see this rad chicky again.


  • This Week in SNAP Magazine - Tattoos for Fido's Event

    Check out the small article we made it in for the event Tattoos with Fido's!


  • Corey Shoermer Guest Spots at Empire Tattoo

    Come get tattooed by this 7th level Wizard Tattoo Artist from Dangerzone Tattoo in Melbourne Australia Corey!
    Corey will be visiting The Empire from June 25th-30th
    To book your appointment with Corey come directly to the shop or email him through dangerzonetattoo.com/section/199913_Cor…

    you can also get in touch with him through his facebook page

    Here is another link you can check out his portfolio on facebook

    Corey's direct e-mail deviationtattoo@gmail.com

    hear from you soon :)

  • You Buy!

    Check out our "YOU BUY" portion in the portfolio section of the website. Buy most items in Store only. Some items may be sold out, but we may have again. Keep tabs on the site and facebook page for updates on all the goods we have to offer.

  • Anniversary Party Happened!

    Empire Tattoo one year anniversary party rocked our socks! The ladies from Ruby Entertainments were killer and put on an awesome show.
    We would like to thank all of the sponsors for their support.
    Vin Coco, thank you for the lovely raunchy cupcakes
    Thanks to Noodle Box, Legends Comics, Harmony in the Horizon, Culture Craze, Red Bull, and The Hive for providing our guests with a chance to win door prizes from you.
    Special thanks to Good Guy Tattoo Supply, Cinderbloc Studio, Antonio Lafauci Photography, Metropol, Absolute Underground and Old Nicks for all your support!!
    Also we can't forget Lucky Bar for letting us have our event within their establishment, we will never forget this party and you made it possible. Oh and of course everyone who came out to the event, we love you guys!

  • Tattoos for Fido's Charity success!

    Thanks everyone who came out for the Event on April 27th. We raised a whopping $2902.88 and we couldn't have done it without all of the clients who came in that day!

    Thank you to our sponsors as well for donating the raffle prizes which helped raise money for the cause as well. Chop shop, Doggy Laine, Harmony in the Horizon, Spa Sirona, and It's over Rover!!

    We also had a special guest come out from Seattle and help with the event, Bryan Kachel, he donated his day, and did the most tattoos! Thank you Bryan!

    Good Guy Tattoo supply helped out immensely with provided the supplies we needed to do all of your tattoos. So much support you guys rock!


    Just wanted to share this with everyone! This show if going to blow your head off in a metal sort of way! Get to it, come down and Rock your face off!!!!
    Logans April 20th @8

  • Empire Tattoo 1 year Anniversary PARTY

    Come Party with us! We are 1 year old this March and in about to get our celebration on Sat April 28th at Lucky Bar. Be there!! We will have Entertainment from the lovely ladies of the Ruby Light District with Door prizes from our sponsors and Treats from Vin Coco! Don't be lame and let us down, come on in to Empire and get yourself a ticket to the show. Advance Tickets sold here $10

    Sponsors include:

    Good Guy Tattoo Supply, Red Bull, Flirting with Fido, Metropol, Harmony in the Horizon, The Hive, Absolute Underground, Cinderbloc Studio, Antonio Lafauci Photography, Vin Coco, Legends Comics, Culture Craze, Noodle Box, Old Nicks, and Sideshow!

  • Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School #4

    Yep this happened and Empire Tattoo came down for the fun at the Superior Cafe! Don't miss out on the next one May 9th.
    We bring door prizes!!

  • Tattoos for Fido's

    Empire Tattoo is doing Tattoos by Donation for Flirting with Fido to help raise money and awareness for Fido's in need. All proceeds go towards ARRF (animal rescue and rehab fund).

    Tattoos will be done for a minimum of a $30 donation
    We will have a few varieties of tattoos to choose from the day of the event. Tattoo designs are non-negotiable in way shape or form.
    We are not tattooing Fido's, just you animal lovers out there.
    No minors are allowed in the shop, so please leave children at home or bring a babysitter.

    Also we have contributions for raffling from The Chop Shop, Spa Sirona, It's Over Rover, Doggy Laine and Harmony in the Horizon. If you are not interested in something permanent come down for the raffles!

    Please join us on April 27th 10am-5pm for this event and help us raise money for the cause.

    If you are looking to help out with the event please contact
    Chelsy Dawn at empire@empiretattoo.ca

    Hope to see you there!

    join the event on Facebook

  • Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School #3

    Once again the epic Dr. Sketchy is happening on Wed March 21st at the superior! 6pm-10:30pm. Be Creative with us happy folks and get out of your box. Live Art! See you there!

    Find all the info on their facebook page

  • Rock n Roll Shakedown

    We are sponsoring the Rock and Roll shake down this month at the Victoria Event Center! Sat March 24th! It's got some rock, roll and a little bit of burlesque mixed in!
    Join us in the fun! Do It.

    Get more info at

  • Memorial Bench Silent Auction at Hive Salon

    Check out the Hive Salon for your chance to place your bid at the silent auction! The auction is geared towards raising money for a memorial bench for our good and loved friend Jamer.
    Check out the link to their blog for more information

  • Valentines Day with Flirting with Fido

    Come down to Empire Tattoo and pick up your Valentines day cupcake and card for a donation of $5! All proceeds to to a meal for a Fido in need. Cupcakes provided by Flirting with fido made by Ooh la la cupcakes!

    Check out Flirting with Fido's Facebook page for more information on upcoming rescues and charity events!

  • Get in with Andi

    Hey everyone don't forget that Andi is coming to town and you need a tattoo from her. Check out her portfolio on her website andibolzart.com

    Book an appointment through her or come into the shop and we arrange to make you more awesome with Andi!

    Andi will be here March 1-5!

  • See ya later Spence! Miss you already

    No longer a Full time member of the Empire crew, Spence is off to venture other options. Not all is lost, he will still be around doing guest spots for the next little while and you can always get him to etch something awesome on your glass windows or mirrors. Spencer talent will not be wasted. If you are looking to get in touch with Spencer his e-mail is your best bet. spence@spencetattoos.com or through his website www.spencetattoos.com

  • Andi Jane Bolz visits The Empire

    Hey peoples!! Did you miss out on the lovely Andi last time she came to town. Well here is your chance to get a "sick tatty" from this rad lady. Check out her website:
    She will be here with us March 1-5
    Don't miss out!!!

  • Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School

    Empire Tattoo will be attending the first Dr. Sketchy's event in Victoria BC EVER! We are super stoked to have been invited to be a sponsor and partake in such awesome.

    Check out the link:

    We are going to be there and so should you!! Come be creative and have some fun!

  • Jamer Patches Available

    Empire Tattoo is collecting donations for Jamer's Family and have patches available for the cause. A $5 dollar donation in the min for the memorial patches.
    Courtesy of Kelsey at Old Nicks Emporium

  • R.I.P Jamer

    Honored to have met, gotten to know and worked along side you Jamer during your final duration of your career and life. You were lovely, pleasant, talented and will always be remembered.

    Jamer worked with us for a very short time, but we are very grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know the Victoria legend and experience such talent and kindness.

    Our condolences goes out to his friends and family.

    R.I.P Jamer

  • Sonya Opal guest spots at Empire!

    Jan 22nd and 23rd were looking forward to having Sonya chilling with us at Empire Tattoo!

    Check out some of her work here:

    Sonya currently tattoos out of Electro-LadyLux Tattoo in Vancouver

  • Happy New Year!!

    We are going to be closed New years day.. so stay home and cure your hangovers, do some laundry and veg out homies. We will see you in the new year. Happy New Year!

  • Closed For Christmas

    It appears that Christmas is here and we are going to be closed on Christmas day. You can expect some of us back at the shop on the 26th for all your tattooing pleasure. 12-7pm same Empire time, same Empire place.

  • Shawzy at Empire Tattoo Feb 1/2011

    We are very excited and happy to announce that Shawzy (Stephen Shaw) will be joining our team of Rad at Empire Tattoo starting Feb 1! Check out his website and get booked in with our new friend Shawzy!!


  • Holidays are on the rise!

    Christmas is on it's way and New years shortly following after.. we will be closed Christmas day for presents and New years day for hangovers.

  • We Do Burlesque!

    Join us at the Event Centre with Sonic Shoots as we enjoy the pretty ladies and the show. So far once a month we've been sponsoring these events and it's a blast.

    Here is a link to keithsonic.com/ and what's up and coming!

  • Monday Mag showcases a piece by Ory

  • Empire Tattoo does Charity