Opened as of March of 2011!

Get Tattooed at Empire! We create one of a kind custom tattoos in many styles. Check out the portfolios here on the website to get an idea of what styles the artists specialize in.

Shop Hours: 12pm-7pm / Tuesday - Saturday
Get the details on the Artists schedules, booking availability and preferences. Give us a call at: 2505907074
Walk ins welcome - Appointments preferred

NO MINORS. You must be 18+ Bring ID

Cash Only

Cancellations must be made at Least 72 hours in advance.
Deposits are used to compensate the artist if 72 hours is not given, cancellation is made in to short of notice or Deposit policy is not followed by the client.
Find our Deposit policy here:

Ory is all over the illustrative detailed and layered up pieces. Colour and Black and Grey. Check out his portfolio to see what I mean.
email: iamtheory9@gmail.com
IG: www.instragram.com/iamtheory1

Book with Dustin Logan. He specializes in New School, Illustrative, Japanese and realism designs, Color and Black and grey.
email: tattoosbydustinlogan@gmail.com
IG: www.instagram.com/dlodious

Check out Lee Conklin! Illustrative, Japanese, and specializing in sacred geometry. Lee is very well rounded in many tattoo styles, free handing designs and cover ups. Colour or black and grey.
email: eightcount7@hotmail.com
IG: www.instagram.com/leeconklintattoos

Get some sweet neo-traditional tattoos by Sean Welsh! Sean specializes in various styles ranging from neotraditional, Japanese anime illistrative fusion, neotraditional japanese, blackwork and portraiture.
email: inked-by-seanwelsh@hotmail.com

Check out this guy, Brian Dangerfield. Brian specializes in everything from illustrative, realistic, semi realistic, Japanese, script and more. He also does Cover ups, color or black and grey imagery.
email: b.dangerfield.ink@gmail.com
IG: www.instagram.com/briandangerfield

Hey it's Cat! Check out her portfolio and get a feel for her personal style. She has an illustrative and neo-traditional take with a little magic and whimsy in her artwork. Hit her up for yours! Cat is taking new clients! Message her directly for booking info and availability.
email: catsirenartwork@outlook.com

Elise is Empire Tattoos Latest Apprentice! Stay tuned for progress updates and her tattoo availability. She is currently in the learning stages but will be tattooing soon. In the meantime take a moment to check out her artwork. This girl has style and artistic talent. We are looking forward to watching her grow. Stay tuned, friends!
Tattoos coming soon...

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