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During the Covid-19 closure, please contact Empire Tattoo Artists directly for future booking possibilities and general inquiries. Find their contact info through the following links:

Tattoos by Ory
Tattoos by Lee
Tattoos by Sean
Tattoos by Cat
Tattoos by Elise
Tattoos by Katie
Tattoos by Kirsten

Follow the Artists Instagram accounts for updates during this time. Our online admin and managing department will be on hold for partial duration of the closure.

@iamtheory1 @leeconklintattoos

Stay up to date with the Covid-19 pandemic and get on for updates and self assessment tools.

Thanks so much, everyone. Hang in there, we got this. Stay home. We will see you all soon.

Check out Stories of Empires Past, Present and Fuuuuuture.. This is just a fun space to check out the stories we've posted on IG. They have good art content, some fun times and other random business things happening.
See real time video's on our instagram account at: @empiretattoo